Saturday, April 07, 2007

You NEED This

I got the NIV Audio Bible a couple years ago for my birthday. The plan was for me to listen to it while I was on my treadmill, but that never happened. But here's what we've discovered: Our kids love to listen to it during dinner time. On Friday night we couldn't make it to the Good Friday service at church, so we listened to the dramatized version from Mark's gospel. The kids were attentive, excited, and eager to share what they knew, too. It was a great alternative to church since Kevin had to work late.
And on that note, why isn't Good Friday a national holiday? The post office was open and some schools were still in session. We get Veterans Day, MLK Day, Memorial Day, etc., but not the day when Christ actually died for our sins? Just another prime example of why America is not a Christian nation.

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soupablog said...

i think i'm glad i don't live in a christian nation.

ref: constantine