Monday, April 23, 2007

Go Spurs Go!

NBA playoffs have officially begun, which means that I'll be on a constant adrenaline rush from now until the Spurs win it all or get knocked out. Last night's game was not a great start, but we've won plenty a series after losing the first game. And it made me darn, DARN happy that the Mavericks got skunked by the #8 seed.

I saw a great T-shirt last month that read:
I root for the Spurs and for whichever team is beating the Mavericks.
A little mean, but that's what makes rivalries fun.


Alex said...

Though we've been in Denver almost 3 years now, we are still consider ourselves Spurs fans first. On a selfish note, we are hoping that this series goes to Game 6 so that we might have a chance to actually go to a game ourselves here to cheer on the Spurs (we have conflicts during the 1st two games played in Denver).

Chelsea said...

How much fun would it be if the Spurs won at Game 6 and you were there? (Of course, you might not be very popular among the locals on the way out.) My favorite part of the playoffs is that I get to add to David's collection of Spurs paraphernalia in his room. HEB had free posters last weekend, so those will be adorning his closet doors soon.
Oh, and my in-laws found plastic Spurs dinnerware at a dollar store in Houston. We are now the proud owners of Spurs plates, bowls, and a serving platter. Guess we have a new family tradition on game nights.