Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's Not a Leg-Shaped Lamp, But Still...

I feel like the dad in The Christmas Story when he dances around the living room yelling, "I won I won I won!" Moments later the door knocks, a crate is delivered, and the ecstatic dad discovers his "major award" is a fra-jee-lay leg-shaped lamp.

Today I got a letter from my all-time favorite magazine, Games World of Puzzles, saying that I'd won a runner-up prize for one of their monthly contests. I get a Games T-shirt, which I will very proudly wear to the gym and the pool this summer.

(Yes, I know I'm a geek. And I also know that my buddy Paul will be one of the few who can appreciate my major award.)


Alex Kwan said...

Congrats Chelsea! I used to love to do Games Magazine when I was younger especially when flying back and forth to college. I always thought it would be cool to actually win a t-shirt in one of the contests, but I was never quite dedicated (or smart?) enough to get that far. I actually just bought my first World of Puzzles magazine in years last weekend with the hope/delusion that I might actually get to do some of it on our flight to Disney World later this month!

soupablog said...

I also was a Games Magazine geek in junior high — it was the Bible of our gifted & talented classroom. :/

you rock.