Friday, July 13, 2007

Dishwashing and other Marital Issues

It's official... I've become the world's laziest housekeeper. There's just something about not having to be anywhere at any given time, not actually having to cook because Kevin is at church every single night for meetings, and not having the emotional and physical energy to do squat.

Case in point: I've started throwing everything except the good cutlery into the dishwasher. Now Kevin and I have had many a dishwasher discussion in our 11.5 years of marriage. He's a fan of handwashing, but he succumbs and puts dishes, glasses, and silverware in the machine. If I have put a mixing bowl with raw eggs into the dishwasher, Kevin actually takes it out and handwashes it "to make room for more stuff." We've literally had to discuss this issue in both our small group and in marriage counseling.

At one point I decided that I'd rather be married than be right, but this summer I've changed my tune. Consumer Reports says that it only costs 7 cents to run a dishwasher cycle. Good grief, 7 measly pennies? I'm sure I was spending more than 7 cents in hot water and Dawn to handwash the bowls and platters and other large items. So I'm a dishwashing convert and throw it all in now. (And here's another dirty little secret -- sometimes I run it without it being totally full! But I do it during the daytime so Kevin won't see. And since he never reads my blog, he won't hear about it either.)

Gotta run, I've got a sinkload of dishes to deal with.

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