Friday, February 09, 2007

February Funk

I'm recognizing a few patterns in my life. I get overcommitteed because the word "no" is difficult for me to say. I manage to get through highly-stressful times, although my family suffers a little due to my sleep-deprived grumpiness. And when the deadlines are over, I turn into a sloth. For days.

Right now I'm recovering from a massive eBay sale that sucked two weeks from my life. I also had a massive stamping show in Houston last weekend that required me to plan and prepare 10 projects. I want to be in sloth mode, but I'm currently scrambling to finish a massive proofreading project for my sister. And I have another massive 10-project stamping thing at my house next Tuesday. The theme here is massive, as in coronary.

Couple all that with allergies, a sick Caelyn, a disgusting amount of laundry, a broken oven, a broken toilet, and the daily demands of life, and I'm running on adrenaline 90 percent of the time. Does this count as my aerobic activity for the week?

I know there's a lesson in all this. I just don't have time to process it right now.

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