Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Crises Averted

A quick update:

1) Kendra's teacher gave her full credit for her verse even though it was the wrong verse. Kendra still needs to memorize the right one because it will reappear later (as in sometime during her 11 additional years at SACS), but for now we're good.

2) I found Caelyn's baby book. And the funniest part is, Caelyn's is filled in more than Kendra's. Cute little photos and stickers and everything. It's amazing how a sleep-deprived mom can function in the moment and then forget everything. Of course, that's why we keep having children. If we remembered all the bad parts, nobody would have two.

3) I'm typing one-handed because I sliced the tip off my middle finger using my mandoline to cut carrots into perfectly thin discs. My thought just before this incident was, "I need to be careful when the carrot gets short." Ten seconds later I'm copiously bleeding. At least I'll know it will heal. I cut the tip off my thumb in the summer of '96 while cutting onions. My thought just before that incident? "Look at me, I'm just like Jacques Pepin!" Maybe I shouldn't think while I'm cooking.

4) Today was a "snow day" so the kids and I have been cooped up in the house. South Texas doesn't deal well when the temperature stays below 32 for more than an hour. Add some freezing rain and the whole city shuts down. We're pathetic, I know. I can hear my friends in Colorado and the Midwest laughing. I will say this: There actually is some ice accumulation today. I really wouldn't want to be driving right now. But my kids are going to be most bummed when they realize that they will have to make up their snow day at the end of May. It's not looking good for school to happen tomorrow, either.

I'm off to make some hot chocolate for the kids.

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