Thursday, January 05, 2006

Yoga Free Verse

open the chest open the mind
try not to giggle at panpipe music
forward bend feel the stretch
down dog feel the headrush
chaturanga fancy name for pushup
can't do a pushup fall to the ground
up dog or cobra what's the difference?
warrior pose balance on weak ankles
arms are numbing tingling
like an endurance challenge on survivor
warrior two more like ballet
angle the arms pretend it's drill team
20 minutes later finally getting the rhythm
grab a towel stretch your legs
discover that legs are freakishly long
can't balance can't focus try not to giggle
instructor says lie down amen! amen!
stretch out hamstrings feel the burn
tilt leg left stranger's foot is near face
resist the urge to tickle stranger's bare feet
lotus position are we supposed to meditate?
straighten spine feel taller
next day feel pain


Amy Soupiset said...

You have true talent my friend and what good meter you have. I felt like I had taken the class with you. I checked out the Spectrum today and I am going to try a free week to see what I think. I may have to try Yoga now.

soupablog said...

"Sedentary Free Verse"

Sit in chair, no sweat.
Contemplate another Quad Venti Mocha.