Monday, January 02, 2006

My New Year's Philosophy

Here we go . . . I've officially succumbed to peer pressure and have become a blogger. Paul Soupiset's been pestering me for some time now to blog, and my main argument was that I didn't want people to be privy to what goes on inside my head. But as my dear friend Christi Grooters once told me, people already know that I'm crazy.

I'm not a big proponent of New Year's resolutions, but this is what I've been thinking about lately. I spent December doing things that people expected me to. Did I really want to write a Christmas newsletter and send out cards? Not so much, but certain people would be upset if they didn't get a card. Did I really want to sew four donkey costumes for Caelyn's Christmas pageant? Again, no, but I did it because I want her teacher to think I'm a good mom and because I was the only mom with a sewing machine. Instead of enjoying the celebration of my Savior's birth, I spent December trying to fulfill an imaginary quota of good deeds.

As a result, I've decided that I'm only going to do what I really want to do this year. I may falter, but I'm not going to let guilt or unrealistic expectations force me into making the same poor decisions that I did last year. The key question is: How do I want to spend my time this year? Writing more? Probably. Reading more? Always. Shopping more? Ew.

One thing's for sure: I definitely want to focus more on eternal things and not foolishly waste my time. Which means no more Pengapop on Oh, and I want to have an ongoing book review section.

By the way, this wasn't my first choice for a blog name. Typography was taken, as was CaivanoFamily. That really surprised me, as there aren't that many Caivanos around. So I settled on CraftyCassie, which is my eBay name. My college nickname was Cassie (based on my maiden name initials), and I'm crafty, so there you have it. Not too original, but I didn't feel like spending hours trying to think of the perfect name. Perfection is overrated.

Happy New Year to my friends and family. I love you all!


Anna said...

HA HA HA! I can't believe it. Really. Who knew you'd set foot into the wonderful world of blogging? If you can believe it, I've had a livejournal account for months now, just haven't shared it with anyone. I use it as a journal of sorts. I'll have to bookmark this to check in with you since I seem to be physically unable to pick up a phone. :roll eyes:

BTW, will you be around this week? I need to bring over your coffee pot.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, Chelsea! Welcome to the blogosphere; I'll be bookmarking your site. It's such a great way to get to know other people with "full" lives, especially when our little ones seem to go berserk whenever we dare to get on the phone...
(I'm at

christigm said...
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christigm said...

Chels, wow, didn't even know blogging existed. LOVE to hear your thoughts... do the voices in my head bother you?? :> For the record, I would never be upset over no letter, but yours was one of 4 Christmas letters that I truly, truly treasured and helped me catch up in a real way. My husband lost his Christmas Spirit over the number of impersonal/blah cards this year. Ultimately, like you said, it's about bigger things, eh?

Okay, just wanted to say you go, Girl! Miss you,

ps, had to delete previous post due to some unfortunate errors on my part...told you this was new to me!

soupablog said...

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

can't wait to see what you're reading, thinking, and how your resolution turns out.

"no more ass-sewing." - Cassie

--the guy from

Brooke said...

Too funny. You are a better person than me...I can barely find time to check my email and return phone calls...let alone find time to blog. Besides, no one needs to know about the CRAZINESS here in California! However, your blog does remind me that I am 2 days overdue in selecting a New Years resolution. If the Trojans win...I might just pick 2 resolutions- one for me, one to thank my boys in Cardinal and Gold.

stace said...

For the record, I loved your Christmas letter. I actually added it to my box of Most Cherished Things, and Christmas letters NEVER make the first cut.