Friday, April 18, 2008

Now I Know How Huckabee Felt

Clearly I'm not cut out for politics. Last night I was ahead in the haiku contest, but right now I'm losing by 200+ votes. Darcie's campaign team has got a seriously good grassroots effort going on.

I'm trying not to let this bug me. It's a silly haiku contest, for crying out loud! But I like my poem and I liked briefly dreaming what I'd do with the money. An extravagant pair of Bedhead pajamas and another Compassion sponsorship were the frontrunning thoughts, by the way.

So if you haven't voted and you like my poem, head on over there and click by my name. But I'm not going to pull an Obama and start repeatedly calling everyone I know because that's just annoying. (But if you want to get the word out for me, I'd appreciate it.)


Anonymous said...

I just read your haiku at Rocks in my Dryer, and I have to say, I definitely think it should win. How hilarious, and how true! LOL


mary said...

If it ends up that you don't win, know this. Yours was the best. I tried to give you another vote but it was a no no!

Alan Summers said...

Hi Chelsea,

I left a second note on the contest page, because the voting section has a dot over the first candidate, and because the text is invisible unless a cursor is run over it, the first 'haiku' could be gaining unfair "accidental" votes.

Good luck, you are a close second, things could change yet.