Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This might be of use to my friends in San Antonio. I've joined a Yahoo group called Freecycle (click on the title of this post for the link). This is a nationwide organization, but it's broken down into regional areas. Basically, this is a free way to unload stuff you can't use anymore but you don't think should be trashed yet. Also, you can submit requests for things you might need. It's a simple concept and so much easier than eBay. Yesterday I picked up five brand-new American Girl books for my daughters, who were quite thrilled and kept asking, "But why were these free?" I've also given away a bag full of maternity clothes that I no longer need or want.

Be warned: If you join you'll be getting quite a few daily emails that announce what's available and what's been taken. You can get a daily digest that summarizes the whole day, but then you'll miss out on grabbing what you might want. Most people operate under a first-email-first-served mentality, but the giver gets to choose the receipient. You are not allowed to share sob stories in an attempt to up your chances for getting free stuff.

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