Monday, May 07, 2007

I love this game!


Is there really anything else to say after looking at Steve Nash's battered face? The colliison gave Tony Parker a sizable contusion on the forehead, but his boo-boo is nothing compared to the gash on Nash that required six stitches.

I love this game. I love that Mark Cuban's beloved Mavericks got knocked out in the first round by the Number 8 seed. (And I also loved seeing Cuban's face when his team lost the final game, but that's just being petty.) I love watching the Spurs and Suns duke it out in this round, because whoever wins this series will probably win it all. I love it when Ginobili makes a no-look pass to Duncan who banks it in. I love it when Parker's flying feet take him down the lane, in between two defenders, to make the layup. I love seeing Robert Horry and Michael Finley hit multiple three-pointers in clutch time. I really, really love this game.

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