Sunday, December 10, 2006

I Love the 80s

Last night was a surreal evening. Kevin's company had its annual "Holiday Party." Kevin works for USAA, the ginormous insurance company that employs 16,000 people locally. The company party is held downtown at the Convention Center because, really, where else can you have a party for thousands upon thousands of people?

Here's the fun part: They hired the classic 80s rock group Foreigner to perform. Seriously. We got to listen and sing and laugh hysterically for over an hour to such classic Foreigner hits as "Feels Like the First Time" and "Jukebox Baby" and "Urgent." Highly entertaining.


Tychicus said...
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Tychicus said...

Learner says that it used to be the State Fair circuits were where popular bands of yesteryear went to die. Now it's USAA staff parties? Who knew?

As a fellow child of the 80's, Learner wishes he could have been there to relive the memories with you. It would have felt so "Urgent" ("urgent, urgent, urgent").

Blessed Assurances said...

That sounds like a wonderful party! i love the 80's too!!

Wanted to drop by and thank you for my white elephant gift. I wore it to my nephew 1st birthday to see what my family would say. They told me they loved it! Is that not funny! I was not expecting them to say that but I love it b/c without even knowing me you found something that represents my personality-loud and proud! :) Thanks again