Thursday, October 05, 2006


I love Target. It's the happiest place on earth for me. And today God has blessed me with a $100 gift certificate to Target!

The education program at Trinity University (my alma mater) is celebrating its 15th anniversary of the master's program. They sent out surveys to all the MAT graduates asking for current information and career stories. As an incentive, they said they would have a drawing for two $100 gift certificates to either Barnes & Noble or Target. Today the education department sent out an email saying that I was one of the winners -- yippee!

On top of that, I scored two mystery shops this month at Target. I get reimbursed for $50 for each shop. That's $200 of Target money this month! Now is the real test: Do I use the freebie money for something practical for the house, or for birthday gifts for Kevin and the kids, or for something extravagant for me?


Megan said...

Okay, so I want in on this mystery shop business. How in the world did you score that job?

And Congrats on all the Target money! Yipee is right!

Stephanie said...

Aren't we all addicted to Target? Where else can a mom do all kinds of shopping at once, while keeping her kids happy with a $1 popcorn/drink combo ($1.30 if you upgrade to an Icee)? Have fun shopping, and as for how to spend the funds---you've got enough to divide it up and do ALL of that!