Friday, July 14, 2006

Recent Escapades, Part Three -- SAPD Not Involved

In yet another blip on my screen of bad luck, our mailbox was demolished by a runaway truck last week. A neighbor is building a pool, and the excavators forgot to set the brake. The truck rolled down the street and smashed into our front yard, taking out both our and our neighbor's mailboxes. Thankfully, the kids weren't outside playing. Also thankfully, the excavators have already written a check to fully pay for the replacement mailboxes, which cost over $500 a piece. Until then, I have to drive to the local post office to pick up our mail.

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stace said...

Man, Chelse! Are you still living in the same neighborhood? It seemed so safe whenever I visited. Shocked and sorry to read about the purse incident and the loss of your mailbox. Guess nowhere is safe anymore.

The David thing was scary to read. Amazing he ended up in the unlocked car! God is always watching out for us, it seems. A great Protector.

You're doing a wonderful job as a mom, Chelse! I can see it in the beautiful faces of your kids. They are alight with love and contentment, and that is a testament to you and Kevin as parents. :) Love you!!