Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yesterday's Irony

Yesterday I was running errands and I remembered to pray for my friend Amy who wants to stop watching TV at night. I asked God give her the self-discipline not to turn the TV on and to bless her with some special family time.

The irony: Last night I wasted three hours watching TV. Kevin had a meeting at church and then had to deal with a broken-down car (another story), so I turned on the TV for company. Three hours later, I had TiVoed my way through two episodes of American Idol, an episode of Dinner for Five, and some other show that I can't even remember right now. Entertaining, yes, but a complete waste of time.

My name is Chelsea, and I'm a TVaholic.


Stephanie said...

(in unison) Hiiii, Chelsea.

Amy Soupiset said...

Chelsea, you are so sweet to have prayed for me. It really was helpful. I had a great week and got lots of sleep. Two nights ago, however, I did the same thing as you. I told Paul to remind me that there is nothing worth watching on TV after 10pm! I hope you have more TV Free time this week.

Blast From Past said...

Hello Mrs. Caivano. Good to see you doing well, and enjoying the gifts of your children. Who knows who I am, though. I just signed up for blogspot so I could comment on your blog. Perhaps I'll leave a clue as to who I am later. Or perhaps my rambling prose has already revealed by identity. Either way, see you (your blog, I mean) soon!